Quality Policy

INKATOR S.A., is strategically oriented for the automotive industry market and it is dedicated to the manufacture of components and special parts for customers with high requirement. Our company is aware of its corporate responsibility and the need to contribute to a sustainable development.

Our duty is to make a commitment to provide products according to customer requirements at competitive prices and within the period requested for the total satisfaction of their needs.
INKATOR S.A. recognizes that the competence, talent and motivation of its employees are its most valuable resource.

INKATOR S.A., undertakes to:
– Maintain good relationships with the customers to ensure the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.
– Follow a quality management system in order to detect possible sources and causes of defects and concentrate its efforts to review and eliminate the causes.
– Increase the Qualification, Motivation and Employee Security, raise the awareness to the fulfillment of customer requirements, as well as the laws and regulations applicable to the product, whereas the procedures laid down.
– Install a culture of continuous learning, based on the involvement of employees by providing them with the appropriate means, in order to build a sustainable knowledge capital.